Khazanah’s Talent Management Solution – Khazanah Nasional Berhad (KHAZANAH)

Khazanah Nasional is the investment holding arm of the Government of Malaysia entrusted to hold and manage the commercial assets of the government and to undertake strategic investments.


IA has embarked on the Strategic Human Capital Management System (K-SHCM) to support the SHCM Division and Khazanah in carrying out it’s SHCM functions. Khazanah is also going to leverage this K-SHCM system to act as a Talent Database holding information on talent, not only from Khazanah but also from its investee companies.

Based on our understanding of Khazanah’s requirements, IA’s expertise in the Human Capital processes & technology deployment, has structured a Best-of-Breed proposal for Khazanah that enable Khazanah to leverage the best functionalities in each solution, while maintaining a competitive costs of ownership.

Based on the above guiding principles, IA has successfully implemented a solution based on the following :

  1. Microsoft Sharepoint : Front-end Portal for its User-friendliness;
  2. Lumesse ETWeb : Core Talent Management Solution as Lumesse is a leading Talent Management Solution (Employee Performance Management Software) for Strategic HR;
  3. SAP HCM Modules : SAP HCM for its proven capabilities in Master Data Management of large amount of data for Transactional HR

iA has delivered a unique hybrid system which comprise of SAP Human Capital Management, Lumesse/Stepstone and Microsoft Sharepoint to Khazanah based on the current business objectives and operational needs. As each system has its best fit functionality and best practices, this system package proposed by iA has assisted Khazanah in meeting its objective. Below is an overview diagram depicting the solution architecture for Khazanah.

Our strong credentials and rich experience in Talent Management and Systems integration also contributed in ensuring a smooth system implementation which provides functionalities matching Khazanah’s requirement, Easy to Use, Competitive Total Cost of ownership, proven solution.


Our scope of work included:

  • Selected industry’s Best-in-Class and proven Talent Management Systems solution, instead of the standard ERP solution
  • Successfully implemented on-line real time solution in Talent Management leveraging the best of breed applications on time and on budget within 12 months
  • Focused on scalability, usability and future protection of investments
  • Not just a technology driven solution – but a HCM Process & Employee Centric Solutions.

Key Challenges:

  • Strict IT Policies which we need to adhere to. By working closely with the IT personnel, this matter was resolved gradually.
  • Competing time of key business users as they are on multiple assignments during the project.

Value to the client:

  • Khazanah employees reaped the benefit of a user friendly solution.
  • Khazanah employees relied less on Manual processes
  • Khazanah employees display more discipline with HR timelines for submissions of Performance evaluations
  • SHCM Division has better visibility of Khazanah’s Talent pool
  • SHCM Division reaped efficiency and able to concentrate more on workforce analytics
  • Able to remotely access the Talent Management Solution using mobility application such as Blackberry for leave approval and employee profile search