BPR, System Selection and Program Management – Federal Land Development Authority (FELDA)

The Federal Land Development Authority or FELDA was established to carry out and implement land development and also undertake commercial development in Resource Based Industry. One of the largest plantation companies in the world with investment in various commercial activities.


FELDA embarked on a major computerisation project for 25 companies to implement a fully integrated business system (Sistem Komputer Berintegrasi-SKB) which consists of 18 modules : Financial Management, Procurement Management, Human Resource Management, Project Management, Plant Maintenance, Manufacturing, Service Management, Sales & Distribution, Settlers Management, Land Management, Plantation Management, Property Management and Technology facilities (Executive Information System, Document Management System, Knowledge Management, Business Workflow and e-Commerce). The group has 20,000 employees and more than 200 customised solutions.


  • Executed 3 stages of Transformation Programme: Technology Transformation (1999-2004), Business Transformation (2003) and Felda Group Transformation (2005 and beyond)
  • Preliminary Technology Phase: Business Processes Review, Business System Future State development and RFP preparation for evaluation of new systems
  • Phase 1 Technology: Established a Project Management Office to manage the various business and ICT projects and set-up Task Force team to resolve the implementation major issues.
  • Phase 2 Technology: Take over the implementation from the Phase 1 System Integrator (SI) to complete the remaining companies and conduct Post Implementation Review (PIR)

Value to the client:

  • Program office creation to efficiently monitor and control the integrated business systems implementation.
  • On-line & real time integrated financial/logistics/HR/Analytic system within FELDA and FELDA Group of companies nationwide
  • Ensure the completion of system implementation to the remaining companies during phase 2.
  • Successful system implementation and usage at various FELDA locations including 250 schemes, 99 factories/Mills, 10 depots and 8 regional offices nation-wide