SAP ERP Implementation – Kemaman Supply Base (KSB)

Kemaman Supply Base is the owner and operator of the leading petroleum supply base on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, spearheading the participation of EPIC Group in the petroleum and gas support services.


Kemaman Supply Base was looking for a system that would meet its growth plans of providing 3rd party logistic services to its clients in the Oil & Gas industry.
The solution would bring about automation as well as have the ability for consolidation. The solution was to cover Financial Accounting & Reporting, Consolidation, Management Information, Procurement and Inventory Control, Sales & Billing, Plant Maintenance, Job Order Management and Property Management.
The implementation followed a big bang approach where all the modules were implemented on time and on budget. By using the Powered By Accelerated SAP implementation methodology, we combined the strengths of Innovation Associates and SAP to deliver an accelerated solution under budget. All of the above modules except payroll were implemented in 7 months.


  • Review Business processes and developed Future State in the logistic business for KSB.
  • Prepared RFP and assisted in evaluation of new systems.
  • Implemented SAP for KSB and 2 other subsidiaries.

Value to the client:

  • Program Management Office to manage the various projects from IT strategy, system selection, systems implementation to post system implementation support.
  • Better visibility over business functions from request, plan, perform and financial processing.
  • Provision of a platform that enables KSB to adopt best practices that are in-line with it’s main customers whom are in the oil and gas industry,
  • Establish an integrated system with the successful deployment SAP that covers the Operations, Maintenance, Purchasing & Financials functional areas of Kemaman Supply Base.