Develop Strategic Knowledge Management Blueprint – The Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU)

The Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit, is one of the prominent government agencies in Malaysia, that is responsible for ‘modernizing and reforming’ the public sector.


MAMPU engaged iA to develop strategic Knowledge Management Blueprint. This project was completed within 5 weeks.


MAMPU has recognised that one of the key factors in achieving success is enabling access to one of its most significant assets – Knowledge. As a services based organisation MAMPU has some similarities with Innovation Associates as the emphasis of the business is to deliver value to its clients (other departments) through project based activities. Once gained past experience must be available to leverage and reuse in current initiatives. The ability to harness this and other knowledge assets improves productivity and decision making capabilities and has a direct impact on the contribution and effectiveness of MAMPU.

The work comprised of assessing the current state of Knowledge Management capability in MAMPU against best practices covering all the organization’s dimensions; people, process and technology. Based on a strategic framework, MAMPU’s Knowledge Management vision was also established. Knowledge Management is an important strategic initiative for the development of a knowledge culture within MAMPU.

The gaps between the current knowledge practices and the vision will enable the identification and prioritization of projects that entails MAMPU’s Knowledge Management blueprint that will deliver the business benefits. The development of a Strategic Blueprint for Knowledge Management, combined with a practical and achievable implementation program will ensure the capture and utilization of knowledge is improved placing MAMPU as a respected leading Government body.