So, Malaysians have a new government!

Much have been said about Malaysia Baharu, mostly touching on the surface of economy, religion, sociology and race relations, but I have yet to read convincing suggestions pertaining to technology.

Yes, we want a better government than the last one. And yes, we may have the expertise and right talents. But do we have the technology to pull it through?

It is imperative for the new government to transform public service design and delivery by making greater use of digital technologies, assistive technological labour-saving solutions in the public sector and Good Regulatory Practices – drawing heavily on the use of cutting edge digital technology and innovation thus optimising the benefits for all citizens.

Rakyat are hungry for a big change in the service delivery that is more cost effective, better quality and faster response time. Rakyat want it and they want it now.

Coupled that with the new Pakatan government’s 100-day manifesto, call for greater transparency and improved engagement with the Rakyat, the time is ripe for imminent change in how public sector works.

Nuraslina Zainal Abidin
July 2018