Ascertain The Strategic Direction for TSS in View That The Pilot Project was Drawing to Completion – Telekom Malaysia Smart School (TSS)

TM Smart School (TSS) is an E-Education Solutions Provider, an MSC status company that has won major projects with the Malaysian government and other private institutions with special emphasis in the academic sphere.


TSS was appointed by the Malaysian Government to design, build and implement the RM300 million Smart School Pilot Project, which involved the roll-out to 90 smart schools throughout Malaysia. TSS is a consortium comprising seven local partners and three multinationals and is a success model whereby leveraging these companies resources enabled the securing and success of the Smart School Pilot Project.


Our scopes of work includes:

  • Current state assessment of TSS’s existing business i.e. covering technology platforms, roll-out of Phase 1, operational structure, products and packages, competencies and capabilities of its people; an assessment of TSS’s strengths and weaknesses; and its perception by its key stakeholders and its current ability to have a sustainable business model; an assessment of the competitive environment aimed at understanding competitors strategies and their competitive edge and identification of new opportunities and options available to TSS in view of changes in the area of e-learning, and educational content

We delivered the following value to the client:

  • Identified strategic options available to TSS, quantified the market value for each of these options, prioritising these options and recommending the preferred option for TSS based on predetermined criteria.
  • Identified opportunities for improvement to achieve the new direction which included changes required to its existing organisation structure, as well as critical improvement areas to be addressed by management. Action plans were developed for implementation.