Study on Capital Goods Industry – Economic Planning Unit, Prime Minister’s Department (EPU)

The Economic Planning Unit is the principal government agency responsible for the preparation of development plans for the nation.


iA undertook a study for EPU to conduct a study on possibilities available to Malaysia in reducing its import dependence, specifically in the capital goods and intermediate goods sectors. This study included a detailed review of the current and future development in four sectors, namely Electronics & Electrical, Food Processing, Transport Equipment and Machinery & Equipment sectors.


Our scopes of work includes:

  • The review of the four selected sectors included extensive fact-finding and analysis of strategic developments as well as an assessment of the sector in terms of readiness to face these external developments and changes.

We delivered the following value to the client:

  • Many policy gaps were identified with pre-feasibility assessments were carried out for agricultural produce and products in which Malaysia is still a significant net importer.
  • Development strategies and a range of detailed recommendations were drawn up for submission to the government. Some of these recommendations touch on aspects pertaining to entrepreneurship and innovation, competencies and skills development, SMI development, institutional support requirements and investment promotion generally and specifically for each sector.
  • A total of 74 detailed recommendations for each of the respective four sectors were identified and documented.