Development of Blueprint, Implementation of Knowledge Management System and Operations (eKRIS) for Selected Government Ministries – MOA, KKLW, KPKT & MECD

Collaboration of Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), Ministry of Rural & Regional Development (KKLW), Ministry of Housing & Local Government (KPKT) and The Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Co-operative Development (MECD).


To develop and implement knowledge management system that ensures access to the best of international/global and local knowledge, measure the effectiveness of capacity building services, and establish appropriate indicators and monitoring systems.


Our scopes of work includes:

  • Developed the knowledge management blueprint on MOA, KKLW, KPKT and MECD’s knowledge needs
  • Identified and confirmed where exploitation of knowledge may benefit business units
  • Identified improvement opportunities through the better utilization of knowledge
  • Developed value propositions for eKRIS
  • Developed the implementation plan for eKRIS identified
  • Developed and implement an Enterprise Knowledge Repository and Information System (eKRIS) leveraging on current initiatives.
  • Improved the current environment, enabling the eKRIS to be implemented and used to enhance the Government’s service delivery.

Value to the client:

  • Blueprint on MOA, KKLW, KPKT and MECD’s knowledge needs