MMU-MKEC Business Climate Study – Telekom Malaysia ™ & Madinah Knowledge Economic City (MKEC)

Madinah Knowledge Economic City (MKEC) is designed as a project to position Saudi Arabia & young Saudi Arabian entrepreneurs as internationally respected leaders in knowledge based industries and aims to attract and develop talent from around the world.


TM has an interest in offering Telecommunication and Education services in Madinah Knowledge Economic City (MKEC), Saudi Arabia. This would allow TM to position itself in this vibrant Middle East business climate.  iA was engaged by TM to conduct a climate study on Saudi Arabia business environment prior to setting up and operating MMU branch campus in the Madinah Knowledge Economic City.


Our scopes of work includes:

  • Local authorities regulations for operating business
  • Financing accessibility and requirements.
  • Assessment on the country’s economic environment, growth, inflation forecast and other economic indicators.
  • Labour related requirements
  • Ease of doing business in Saudi Arabia from the politic, social and economic aspects
  • Other limitations and requirements that may be imposed upon TM as a foreigner
  • Analysis on the Saudi Arabia demographics

Value to the client:

  • Business, financing and operating model for MMU-MKEC
  • Proposed solutions to mitigate risks and issues that TM may encounter