Capacity Building and Operating Model – Malaysian Administrative Modernisation & Management  Planning Unit (MAMPU)

The Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU) is one of the prominent government agencies in Malaysia, that is responsible for ‘modernizing and reforming’ the public sector.


The increasing complexity of public sector administration has given great focus and importance on “Strengthening Institutional and Implementation Capacity of the Country”, which is aligned to the 9th Malaysian Plan – Thrust 5. This is translated to the emphasis on improvement and betterment of the public service delivery system at various levels.

In identifying and implementing the right models of public administration, the Malaysian Administrative Modernization and Management Planning Unit, or MAMPU, as being the central agency has taken the initiatives to begin with its own Capacity Building to be equipped with the know-how and capabilities to implement these modernization initiatives and increase the overall service delivery.


  • Assess and review the existing public sector strategic framework in relation to modernisation and strengthening the delivery system, specifically in:
    1- Understanding vision, mission and strategic framework of MAMPU with a view of gaining insight on some of its challenges in relation to strengthening institutional and implementation capacity of the country
    2- Identifying drivers of change in enhancing delivery system effectiveness and its implications on MAMPU
    3- Reviewing selected best practices in other countries with regards to improving public sector delivery system and ICT management
  • Identify future state of MAMPU and examine the different intervention & delivery models within the context of enhancing public sector delivery system and ICT management of MAMPU.
  • Formulate desired outcome including high level operating structure of MAMPU.
  • Develop quick wins, medium and long term strategic initiatives to progressively enhance the capacity of MAMPU to deliver the future state operating model.
  • Implement quick wins strategic initiatives during the project tenure that will increase the readiness level of MAMPU to implement defined medium and long-term strategic initiatives and ultimately execute its role as per the newly developed operating model.

Value delivered:

  • Delivered a new operating model for MAMPU to address the changing landscape of the Public Sector reform.
  • Identify new competency that needs to be delivered to address the new vision of MAMPU to be the pacesetter of public sector organisation of MAMPU
  • We undertake a consultation process with the KSN, KPPA, KSP and KP of EPU to discuss the strategic recommendation and the agreed time frame of implementation
  • The focus is to develop a service dedicated to upgrading IT Resources in Government that can ensure better delivery of IT services.