Pulau Pinang Bumiputera Economic Policy Study – Economic Planning Unit, Prime Minister’s Department (EPU)

The Economic Planning Unit is the principal government agency responsible for the preparation of development plans for the nation.


IA / Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) consortium has been commissioned by EPU to undertake Pulau Pinang Bumiputera economic policy study aiming to identify strategies, measures and mechanism to correct income disparity.


For this project, IA has consulted key stakeholders to design and detail out a solution in achieving a “breakthrough”  in the development of Bumiputera agenda particularly in the areas of anchoring catalyst for growth, building a visionary society and creating partnerships of the future with various stakeholders.

The catalyst to building this new community will involve creating a new ecosystem, identifying new growth levers and selecting strategic projects for execution in Pulau Pinang and ensuring new enterprise creation and expansion leveraging on mega projects.

Value to the client:

  • Strategic insights on challenges faced by Bumiputera community in Pulau Pinang in view of the changing socio-economic landscape
  • Strategic agenda that can accelerate “breakthrough” for Bumiputera community to achieve income parity and enable them to participate actively in economic activities
  • Executive briefing to the Minister in the Prime Minister Department