National Transport Policy Study – Ministry of Transport Malaysia (MOT)

Ministry of Transport (MOT) is a government body that is responsible in planning and implementing policies with regards to aviation, maritime and private land transport.


In a growing and developing economy, transport will continue to play a major role in improving economic opportunities, provide greater accessibility and bring about greater social development. Hence, the Ministry of Transport saw the need to document its national policies by inventorising the existing policy under the ministry’s purview , which is essentially a process of drafting policy documents based on the policy statements presented by each division.


The main objective of the project is to create a cohesive and integrated National Transport Policy, which must address future challenges and continue to support improvements in public transport, reduce traffic congestion, improve safety, increase capacity utilisation and promote Malaysia as regional maritime and aviation hub.

Our scope included:

  • Documenting all existing transport policies across all modes of transport namely road, rail, aviation and maritime;
  • Identifying key strategic transport issues and their impact on sustainable economic and social development, by studying the broader linkages between transport and urban development, social well-being and safety;
  • Assessing the success of major infrastructure projects (under the ambit of the Ministry of Transport) implemented during the 7th and 8th Malaysia Plan in terms of objectives met ;
  • Identifying unmet and partially met policy objectives and develop a set of evaluation criteria for transport options appraisal

iAC delivered a collation of current transport policies and strategies, and also policy recommendations to address the Outcome and Policy Gaps including mechanisms for future initiatives  addressing monitoring , coordination, regulatory framework, capacity building, performance measurements and related issues.