Establishment of a Program Project Management (PPM) for High Impact Projects – Economic Planning Unit, Prime Minister’s Department (EPU)

The Economic Planning Unit is the principal government agency responsible for the preparation of development plans for the nation.


The purpose of the study is to establish a Programme, Project Management Office at the National Implementation Directorate (NID), to drive the implementation of programs and projects under the Ninth Malaysia Plan to ensure the accelerated delivery of High Impact Projects within thirty (30) months of the launching of the Plan. 


The project aims to improve program and Project Management Capability through:

  • Development of high-quality and integrated plan
  • Integrated plan incorporates policy measurement plan
  • Timely projects delivery
  • Cost-effectiveness of projects being implemented
  • Adherence to good governance
  • Ensure projects achieve the desired policy results (outcome and impact)
  • To develop the Roll-Out Plan for establishing Centre of Excellence (COE) at the Pilot Ministries and National Implementation Directorate

Value to the client:

  • program charter for the selected 18 High Impact Programs under four key Ministries and NID
  • COE Roll Out Plan for the National Implementation Directorate and selected Ministries
  • Coaching and training key personnel in Ministry on project management and monitoring
  • Established a framework to develop an outcome-based assessment for the respective Ministries.