Study on The Future of Felda By Developing Transformation Blueprint – Federal Land Development Authority (FELDA)

The Federal Land Development Authority or FELDA was established to carry out & implement land development, also undertake commercial development in Resource Based Industry. One of the largest plantation companies in the world with investment in various commercial activities.


iA was engaged to develop Transformation Blueprint for Felda in improving wealth distribution for settlers and preparing into relevant agro business. The project is in progress. The objective of the project is to develop strategies and plans for improving the economic well-being of the FELDA-settlers.


The scope of work includes:

  • Re-alignment of benefit distribution model by assessing current practices and recommend new benefit sharing model.
  • Enhancement of FELDA support program by Review the current support programs and recommend appropriate support programs to improve the economic well being of settlers.
  • Establish strategic direction for agro-business diversification and develop structured agro-business programs for Settlers.

Value to the client:

  • FELDA’s strategic vision and objectives articulated in line with the social responsibilities to the settlers
  • Consensus about future direction, aligned roles and objectives
  • Short list of options & scenario, refined screening criteria
  • Detailed Evaluation of the Model, Project and program options
  • Prioritized List of Models, Projects and programs
  • Selected Models, Projects and programs for detailed development of Implementation Plans