Set Up of a System for Rating of Research Programs In Malaysia – Academy of Science Malaysia (ASM)

Academy of Science Malaysia was formed to pursue, encourage & enhance excellence in the fields of Science, Engineering & Technology, for the development of the nation and the benefit of mankind.


The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) entrusted iA and the Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM) was entrusted by to set up a system for the rating of research programs in Malaysia. The system will enable MOSTI to track the performance of the universities and research institutions through time, and in relation to each other. The rating exercise would also enable the Government to provide necessary support, such as facilities, human resource and funds to propel them toward global competitiveness and to turn them into niche research thrusts of the country.
What propelled this study was the discovery that the commercialisation of R&D findings remained low across sectors. There were few takers of potential technologies and linkages with industry were weak. Additionally, there was a need to strengthen collaborative R&D.

Our goal in this research was to understand the dynamics of the public sector innovation system primarily the diffusion of R&D knowledge to create economic wealth for the country. The second goal was to answer some key questions and investigate some hypotheses about the innovation process in Malaysia. Government should use the innovation system approach to learn about the intended and unintended consequences of their policies and base implementation on political feasibility and consensus building.

We developed a comprehensive research assessment and ranking for publicly funded research in Malaysia with the following objectives:

  • To establish a mechanism or a system for ranking of research programs in Malaysian universities and research institutions by assessing the research programs based on selective criteria, and
  • To enable the identification of research strength of universities, research institutions, and research programs. The assessment will cover various disciplines under ASM according to: Centres of Excellence; and Research Programs.

We delivered a complete manual to guide the implementation of the assessment and ranking methodologies.