We can’t save what we can’t see.

In our opinion, the human resource management system of the government is currently not in any way connected to their service delivery performance – leading to deteriorating commitment and lack of ownership within the civil service.

Fact is, transformation begins with people. The mindset shift must happen from the paper pusher mentality to the digital professionals’ mentality who can deliver world-class services that truly benefit the lives of the people it serves.

We offer to re-evaluate the end to end delivery of government budgeting (outcome based budgeting system), accounting (iGFMAS), procurement (eP) and payroll and human resource performance management (HRMIS). Though the digital services are currently available, they are disintegrated and under different stewardship when they should have been placed under a single entity for better delivery and accountability.

A review of the HRMIS upgrade progress need to be revisited and reviewed as it has been pushed back many years. We believe the model that the government adopted for the delivery of this system is not the right choice and could not achieve aspirations and intent of the Prime Minister, particularly on the KPI and deliverables of public sector employees.

  1. Providing spend analytics which will provide visibility, analysis and transparency of the process. This will serve as a tool for the government to be able to identify, gather, cleanse, group, categorize and analyse their spend data with a goal of decreasing procurement costs and improving efficiencies. Using real-time data and analytics will give the government the insight it needs to save money and gain efficiency.

  2. Government e-Marketplace can be a very bold step of the new Government with the aim to transform the way in which procurement of goods and services is undertaken by the government machinery. This will be the ultimate way of living up the current government’s intent to achieve good governance and transparency. Government e-Marketplace should eliminate or minimize human interface in vendor registration, order placement and payment processing. It should be on an open platform. It should offer no entry barriers to bonafide suppliers who wish to do business with the Government. At every step, SMS and e-Mail notifications are sent to both buyer, his/her head of organization, paying authorities as well as sellers.

Black boxes in procurement processes can be identified and removed which in return will provide visibility which is critical to the current government’s intent of cost reduction.  After all, we can’t save what we can’t see.

Nuraslina Zainal Abidin
August 2018