Building Organizational Resilience

Building Organizational Resilience: Why We Must Sustain the Momentum

GLCs are socio-economic creatures with the given mandate to spearhead economic progress and development of society’s well being. It is to no wonder that as society and economic landscapes changes, so too the need for GLCs to transform in order to remain relevant and true to its purpose. Business transformation is often heavily understood and practiced as a reactionary cause, responding normally to crises that threaten to undermine performance and competitiveness of a company. However, in our day and age of the new normal, factors of crises are continually amplified by increasing globalized economic structure. This demands organisations to constantly adapt to changes, thus reinforces the cycle of transformation. What is more critical to an organisation is the ability to build the right capacity and capability of managing change to respond to economic uncertainties effectively by maintaining the right momentum to develop as well as to sustain organisational resilience to crises.

Datuk Dr. Hamzah Kassim
Executive Director of IAC

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