Artificial Intelligence

Discovery, design, develop, execute & deliver.

AI is poised to become a “Cognitive Multiplier” – something that enables us to perform more intellectual functions than one person has ever previously been possible of achieving. This is similar in many ways to the transformation that happened when steam and electricity enabled people to perform more physical labor than any one person could have accomplished. As AI technologies enable us to leverage this Cognitive Multiplier to perform intellectual tasks, we will probably see our world change in a multitude of different ways – and we will probably see it happen over a period of a few years instead of decades. Many thought-leaders have already voiced their opinions about the impact of AI on the world and its potential value to society.

Urban Observatory

Urban Observatory is an analytic monitoring tools to aid user in performing data-driven decision making based on big data analytics and machine learning.

What We Do?

Urban Observatory gains data from open source API and sensors around the city/state. From these data, data engineer will perform data engineering to help making raw data useful to analyst. These processed data will be fed to a proper machine leaning algorithm for data scientist to observe certain trends and help visualize the data for end user understanding.

Jobs Analysis, Crime Reporting, Social Media Analytics, Traffic Monitoring, Facilities Mapping, Visitor Entrance and Exit and Environmental Monitoring.


A gig economy which is a free market system where temporary position are common and organizations contracts independent workers for short term engagements.

What We Do?

We provide a collection of markets that match  providers to consumer on a gig (job) basis in support of  on-demand commerce. We also allow worker to work   nearby their places. 

  • Provides opportunities for low – wage workers to make more income.
  • Reduce resources in terms of benefits, office   space   and training.

Future Learning Management System (FLMS)

A platform that provide e-learning education that is built using Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (Moodle). FLMS provides way to create effective online learning websites for educators and trainers to achieve learning goals. 

What We Do?

  • We deliver an interactive online learning courses and integrated features to monitor the  candidate behavior while taking the exam.
  • We also provide validated certificate for users who have finished the course and passes the exam.
  • PayPal as payment gateway
  • Facial Recognition for exam monitoring
  • Blockchain certificate validation
  • Scorm Package to deliver interactive content


A computer program that simulates human conversation or chat through artificial intelligence that support and scale business teams in their relations with customers.

What We Do?

Provides the complex capabilities required to create simple, intuitive experience that meet customer demands, while to increase customer engagement.

  • Use an interactive UI for customer or user to use the bot.
  • Provide multilingual to increase user understanding to communicate using their own language.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

A current big tech trend in many industries. With RPA, a business uses programmed software to automate everyday tasks, freeing up employees to focus their efforts on higher-level duties.

What We Do?

We replicate employee actions like opening files, inputting data, copy/ pasting fields in an automated way. 

We allow interaction(s) with different systems via integrations and screen scraping, allowing RPA tools to perform actions like a white-collar employee.

  • Increase speed of/reduce errors in customer – facing processes to increase customer satisfaction;
  • Allow employees to focus on higher value – added activities improving both business results and employee satisfaction; and
  • Reduce manual data edits, increasing quality of data, reducing compliance risks and simplifying audits since RPA bots leave digital log files of all their activities