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The market is very competitive. Each organization needs to make critical decisions at several junctures to remain relevant and competitive. This requires them to analyse several areas of their businesses: market share, cost structure, revenue stream, competitors, global trends, human capital, voice of customers and business offerings. Making such analysis and pivotal decision is often very tough and doing it while ensuring business as usual continues is even more challenging.


Step 1:
Mobilisation and Planning

Step 2:
Current State Assessment


Step 3:
Future State

Step 4:
Recommendation & Roadmap


Step 5:
Implement Strategic Roadmap


Step 6:
Gauge Effectiveness

A typical Strategy Projects will be leveraging on our standard Approach & Methodology : iAC’s 4D Approach

Phase 1: Diagnose.
This phase involves heavy fact-finding and understanding of the business and issues. The current state assessment will determine areas of concern and potential focus to change.

Phase 2: Design.
This phase involves data analysis and interpretations, articulation of ideas and benchmarking. Generation of ideas and structuring them into clear recommendations will be key to the entire exercise.

Phase 3: Deliver.
On top of the first two (2) phases, this phase is the beginning of the realization phase. Identified initiatives and projects / programmes are monitored closely.

Phase 4: Detain.
Lessons learnt, assessment and decisions to continue / stop the initiatives / projects / programmes are depending on this phase of the exercise. This will ensure continuous growth and improvements for the client.

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