Digital Services

Riding the outsource revolution.

Outsourcing has revolutionised the business world around the globe. Outsource providers have enabled business organisations to focus on their core competencies by freeing them from time and resources consuming operational tasks.

We empower you with greater flexibility, higher viability

As outsource services partner, we support you with efficient transactional management services such as a Finance & Accounting; Payroll & Claims and Human Resource management to enable you to maintain these needs efficiently.

We deliver multiple complementary service functions such as management reporting & analysis, development and tracking of key performance indicators and human capital advisory.

Briefly, with our strong technology and management background, we take your key support functions as our main focus, empowering you to get on with your business. We give you accurate, reliable information on performance and task indicators to enable you to strategise with flexibility, accuracy and viability. 

With iAC, enjoy best-in-class quality service and systems. You enjoy better cost control and efficiency. You gain access to best practices and latest methodologies. And you free your key resources for better bottom line initiatives.

We provide a full spectrum of outsourcing services via integrated best-in-class adaptable and scalable solutions to match our clients’ needs. We handle all day-to-day activities relating to transactional function within each of the services above. In addition, we provide relevant reports and key performance indicators generated from the captured data.


  • Research & Audit
  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Branding & Marketing
  • User Experience & Design
  • Content Strategy & Development
  • Content Management
  • Web & Mobile Development
  • Application Development
  • Social Media Analytic


  • Strategy
  • Architecture & Implementation
  • Migration
  • Optimization
  • Disaster Recovery


  • End-to-End Mobile POS Solution
  • Payment Solutions
  • Mobile POS Strategy
  • Merchant Portal
  • Mobile Payment Devices