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“Rapid changes in business landscape had been disruptive and posed a huge challenge to Board and management to sustain return to their shareholders. Declining revenue base and margins is pervasive across industries. The challenge is compounded by lack of relevant human talents to execute business plan and strategic initiatives. Acquiring top talents and deployment of technologies are therefore critical to successful execution of strategic initiatives. This where iAC can be relevant by offering itself to be the execution partner of our chosen clients. Our role is to fill talent gaps which exist in our clients. We bring our execution know how to help our clients achieved their business goals.”

Halim Hj Din

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IAC Thought Leadership

Teknologi Robotik.


IAC Thought Leadership

Teknologi Kecerdasan Buatan AI - Manusia, Peralatan Fizikal dan Dunia Digital.


IAC Thought Leadership

Teknologi 'Big Data' dan 'Artificial Intelligence'.


IAC Thought Leadership

Keistimewaan Kecerdasan Buatan.


IAC Thought Leadership

Pemerkasaan Wanita Dalam Arena Perniagaan.



So, Malaysians have a new government!


White Paper

Building Organizational Resilience: Why We Must Sustain the Momentum.



We can't save what we can't see.

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