Innovation Associates helps make change happen in organizations

We Work Together With You To Envision Your Future Digital Enterprise

We build your teams’ capabilities in transition management to ensure your transformation delivers sustainable impact.  Our implementation is based on the 5 pillars:

  • Thought leadership
  • Execution Driven
  • Disruptive Technology Enabler
  • Agile Structure
  • Long Term Partnership

Our History

In 2002, The iA Group, known then as Innovation Associates, was incorporated as a local management and IT consulting firm in Malaysia. Our two founders, Halim Hj Din and Datuk Dr Hamzah Kassim were formerly vice president of Cap Gemini Ernst & Young. Together, they set out to establish a  firm based on the principles of the integrity, professionalism and trust to deliver end-to-end innovative solutions. The  company grew rapidly beyond their expectations.

The concept of end-to-end solutions is integral to company philosophy. It encompasses our business strategy of delivering maximum value to clients through our think, build and operate model. Our workforce comprises of various nationalities. Each is passionate and ambitious.  Each is a highly trained, experienced specialist. As committed players with international exposure, they are unbeatable.

As iA reaches across the globe from our home base in Malaysia, we have established offices and more countries are in the pipeline. Back in 2002, as now as always, the core strength of the company is in our integrity, professionalism, trust and  above all, passion for partnering innovative solutions.

We are trusted advisors. Problems solvers. Partners in growth with years of public and corporate experience distilled into knowledge and insight. This is our strength.

Clients call us because they know we deliver. Whether their need is organisational, operational or strategic, we deliver. Whether they need honest objectivity, scrupulous professionalism or sustained collaboration, we deliver. This is our strength.

We have a huge base of innovative resources. We have a large network of global allies. We work with clients to maximise business growth and to create a revolutionary business culture. Our work is measurable, tangible and the resulting change, dramatic to the bottom line.

As partners in growth, we at iA transfer more than information, techniques and technology to our business clients. We partner them in creating productive change in business culture.

Business trust. We have earned it and continue to earn it for at iA, we walk the talk. This is our strength.

Our Approach

The iA Group provides organisations with a spectrum of services and products using the THINK, BUILD and OPERATE approach.


We provide policy and strategy-based transformation services geared for continuous innovation


Enabling organisations to enhance operational effectiveness to meet today's dynamic market space


Linking best practices resources and new idea to engage & build lasting change and empower innovations


More than 15 years of contribution to organisational and business transformation


Professionally run by senior management with global and Malaysian background with a team of experienced consultants


More than 100 projects in both public and private sectors with capability development and nation building projects


More than 11 major industry recognitions from Malaysian and global

Company Profile

The iA Consulting attracts subject-matter expertise from all over the world, making diversity a core feature of the group. We value this enriching diversity which has shaped company environment with respect and acceptance.

With a network of offices, alliances and partnerships across the globe and large pool of varied specialist talent to draw upon, the iA group relocates staff and resources anywhere in the world, going to where the customer or project base is located.  The iA Consulting also pulls in the most suitable talents with the rights mix of skills and experience from across the range of iA companies to best fit project and client needs.

Board of Directors

Zainal 'Abidin Abd Jalil


Dr. Shahridan Faiez Mohideen Abdul Kadeer

Non-Independent Executive Director

Datuk Dr Hamzah Kassim

Non-Independent Executive Director

En Halim Hj Din

Non-Independent Executive Director

Senior Leadership

Puan Nuraslina Zainal

Chief Executive Officer

Safuan Yusof

Chief Digital Officer


Mohd Ghaus

Head Human Resources

Zalizan Muid

Head Consulting (Private Sector)

Hamizun Mohd. Basar

Head Consulting (Public Sector)

Wan Arif

Director Service Delivery

Samuel Tan

Head of Solution and Product Development

Ramindra Rajaram

Head, SAP Services and Solutions

Azman Abdul Hamid

Head of Big Data Analytics